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As I am only at the beginning of this writing career I can't claim to be the guru of writing. LOL. But I would like to put on this page what does help me throughout my writing process whether it be websites or just plain crazy things I do to get my books written.


First and foremost, I always make sure I have a notepad and pen with me. It sits on my computer desk when I am surfing the internet, it goes in my handbag, comes to the kitchen when I am cooking and yes even sits on my bedside when I am asleep, because I never know when an idea will pop into this crazy brain of mine. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night to find my mind bombarded with ideas.

ScRaPs Of PaPeR...

Sometimes I don't have my notebook with me, like at work. So I find myself writing notes on anything that I can find, scrap pieces of paper, cardboard, stickers. You name it I have used it. Even my hand in desperate times. lol. 

 PhOnE nOtEs...

And if all else fails there is always the notes app. on my iPhone. iPhones also come with a recording app which if you are anything like me you will never use as you hate the sound of your recorded voice. lol. Some people do find it handy though.

WoRdS wOrDs WoRdS...

 If you hear a word or phrase that intrigues you write it down. Whether it be from TV, a song, the radio or even overhearing someone walking past you. Words are a valuable commodity so don't let them slip away from you. 

InTeRnEt HeLp...

Thesaurus.com has become my best friend. If a word sounds boring or overused in my writing this website without fail comes to my rescue every time. This website also has a dictionary and language translator.

MiCrOsOfT OfFiCe WoRd - FiNd....

I use Microsoft Office Word  for typing my manuscripts. When editing I notice words and phrases I without thought repeat throughout my novel. To help me I utilise the 'find' option in the 'edit' folder up top. It aids in finding my repeats throughout the whole manuscript, allowing me to change the phrases or words I have repeated. You will be amazed how many times you repeat yourself, ie. a tear appeared in the corner of her eye (one of my favourites, lol).

TaLk To AuThOrS...

Don't be afraid to talk to authors about writing. Yes, they do have busy lives, but you will find most are willing to drop suggestions here and there. Facebook is an awesome way to communicate with your fav authors or visiting their blog spots, some even will friend you on goodreads. I have made many close friends through sharing and asking about my writing.

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