Musical Muse

What does music do to me you ask...

Music takes me to another world, allows my mind to escape the mundane and sometimes upsetting thoughts of life. It helps my mind soar above the realities of our world and beyond.

Music allows my inner muse to surface and throw new amazing ideas at me. Different music allows my mind to transend to different thoughts for my writing.

Kyndryd Song List



1. Delerium - Karma
2. EnigmaMCMXC a.D.
3. Enigma - Cross of Changes
4. Enigma - Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
5. Enigma - The Screen Behind the Mirror

 Single Songs

1.  Guns'n'Roses - Don't Cry
2.  The Black Ghosts - Full Moon
3 . Kesha - Blow
4.  Kesha - Take It Off
5.  Linkin Park - What I've Done
6.  Linkin Park - New Divine 
7.  M83 - Midnight City
8.  Metro Station - Shake It
9.  Muse - Undisclosed Desires
10. Owl City - Fireflies
11. Portishead - Roads
12. Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World)
13. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
14. Bruno Mars - Grenade

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