As a first time author I find myself with plenty of inspiration and help. Without these people I would not be here today writing the stories in my head on paper for you all to read.

 My first inspiration would have to be an awesome author by the name of Becca Fitzpatrick. If you have not read her Hush Hush series then you have not lived. It is a world I gladly visit over and over again. I definitely can't wait for my daughter to discover them when she gets to the right age.

Becca was the first author to talk to me about my writing. I commented on her blog and was very excited when I got an email message back. She encouraged me with my own writing telling me never to give up and keep trying.

To me authors are celebrities and I find it awesome when they go out of their way to talk to their fans. Becca inspires me to stay true to myself and not get lost in all the hype. I hope like her I can be as open to my followers.

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